Our Suppliers

Kingscourt Brick

brand-kingscourtKingscourt Brick is a subsidiary of the Lagan Group. With a heritage spanning over 50 years, the independent family owned companies rank among the leading quarry materials, cement, house building, construction and civil engineering companies in Ireland and the UK. While strategies change, values don’t. The strength and expertise of their people means the Lagan Group has sustained its business success in Ireland, the UK and overseas for over fifty years.


Vandersanden is a trend-setting brick manufacturer. This family-run company has always been driven by a pure passion for their unmistakably beautiful natural product and has developed into a brick specialist that can boast of no fewer than 90 years of experience. With two factories in Belgium and two factories in Holland, it offers a broad range of ceramic products.

More than 100 facing bricks and brick slips in various colours, textures and sizes are developed to make buildings more beautiful, and more sustainable. A wide range of paving bricks offer a natural and warm solution for your garden path, driveway, terrace or street.

The flexibility of brick slips inspired Vandersanden Group to develop several widely-noted “brick solutions”.  Solutions designed to meet both a practical challenge – the (post-) isolation of external walls – and offer greater aesthetic possibilities. E-Board and E-Brick are highly useful isolation systems with brick slips. Signa encourages the architect to write his own brick story.



Wienerberger is a world-leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations. Under the wall brands Terca, Porotherm and Corium; the roof brands Sandtoft and Keymer; and the landscaping brand Penter, the organisation offers in excess of 1000 building products.

Founded in Vienna in 1819, principles of quality, expertise, sustainability, value and innovation are deeply embedded within the organisation. Today, Wienerberger focuses on creating products, services and solutions that deliver, above all else, a better quality of life.


ForterraForterra offers a wide range of high quality clay facing bricks – all with BES 6001. Responsible Sourcing of Materials certification. This includes a standard range of wirecut extruded bricks; the Ecostock range of stock pressed and thrown bricks; the original Fletton London brick and the Claughton classic range. They are available in many different colours and textures, providing the perfect choice, from classic to contemporary, to suit every project’s needs.

Engels Baksteen

Engels BaksteeenFor more than 100 years authentic bricks are being produced at the two locations of Engels Baksteen. Engels Baksteen produces a diverse range of high quality masonry bricks and pavers. Quality and durability are key at Engels Baksteen by making use of local raw materials, modern production machines, energy-efficient drying systems and advanced tunnel kilns.

Through the centuries it is proven that clay products have a very long life, which has a relationship with both the aesthetic- as the technical characteristics.

Freshfield Lane

brand-freshfield-laneFreshfield Lane produces a varied selection of clamp-fired stock facing bricks in a range of appealing colours, either with machine made or handmade rich variable textural finishes. Combining the latest technology with traditional manufacturing techniques, Freshfield Lane produces and supplies over 36 million stock bricks, with a full range of special shaped bricks and clay pavers to complement your project. At their manufacturing base in Danehill, Sussex they have a dedicated team producing the most natural products sympathetic to the local built environment, making the perfect finish for quality buildings. Each of their bricks have a timelessly authentic, warm ‘earthy’ feel, enabling them to sit in harmony with varied architectural styles. As a result they are in high demand with architects, self-builders and premium housebuilders. Clamp fired stock bricks have always been a long lasting, sustainable building material, and you can rely on their bricks to stay beautiful, long into the future.

Northcot Brick

brand-northcotBlockley in Gloucestershire is the home of the Northcot Master Brick makers. They have been quarrying clay and making bricks there for nearly 100 years. During that time the Northcot brickworks has produced one of the broadest ranges of bricks available, in many variations of colour, texture, size and type. These richly-coloured bricks are made by Master Brick makers who have hundreds of years of experience between them in the skilled art of brick-making. The bricks they make are used in all types of building projects all over the country.