Vandersanden ZERO

Traditional bricklaying with a joint free brickwork.

More and more house builders prefer joint free façades. By choosing ZERO from Vandersanden, you create this effect in a traditional way. You can also lay bricks by bonding them or using thin-bed mortar. With a choice of more than 100 different colours for your unique project.

Glue: When bricks are glued the traditional mortar is replaced by a glue mortar which is sprayed onto the brick surface using a pump or a spray gun. This technique can reduce the joint width to about 4 mm.

Thin bed mortar: is halfway between a mortar and a glue. It is cheaper than gluing, but the joint width can only be reduced to around 6 mm.


Joint Free Brick Work


The Benefits with ZERO®

  • Money and time saving as there is no need to place scaffolding for joint work.
  • Your joint free brickwork façade can be laid traditionally using a trowel and mortar. So you do not need any special tools.
  • A typical upward positioning of the brick ensures that no excess mortar can drip down to mark the brickwork.
  • A clean façade for longer, because facing brick holds on to less dirt than a joint.
  • Thin, open perpends ensure excellent cavity wall ventilation and prevent insect nests from bees and wasps etc.
  • Pure, flawless brick façade with a modern look, in which the colour of the bricks is not affected by the colour of the joints.
  • Results immediately visible.

Size & Colours

Zero® has 1 size: +/- 204 x 100 x 50 mm.

The Zero® colour range consists of 18 colours.

Advice for Excellent Results

Joint free brickwork always needs more care than traditional masonry. The smaller joint width leaves little room for correction afterwards. Please contact us here to assist you at its best in creating a perfect result.

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