Brick Specials Manufacturing was established in 1995 to satisfy the growing demand for special shaped bricks. We can offer a complete range of brick specials in both “cut & bonded” and moulded fashion to compliment our extensive brick range. Cut & Bonded specials are available on a 5 day lead time from our manufacturing unit in Santry and include brick slips, biscuit brick, doglegs, squints and cants. Our moulded specials are typically available on a 6-8 week lead time. We specialise in restoration and heritage projects; we can match any Victorian or salvaged specials.

Our technical sales staff will be delighted to discuss any plans you may have and advise on brick detailing. They are more than happy to offer a specialised self-build advice service. For advice on type, sizing, colours, textures and prices simply speak to one of our technical sales team.




    Any special shaped bricks that conform to brick dimensions can be produced at the Kingscourt Country Manor Bricks' Brick Craft Shop.


    Brickslips are 20mm thick slips of original facing bricks and as such have the same characteristics as the facing bricks in accordance with European CE standards.

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